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Finally 21! 12 Fun Ideas For 21st Birthday Gifts

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Finally 21! 12 Fun Ideas For 21st Birthday Gifts

1. DIY booze cake

Finally 21! 12 Fun Ideas For 21st Birthday Gifts

A handmade liquor cake or a booze gift box is one of the 21st birthday gift ideas that we like to recommend the most. You may surprise the person who just turned 21 with a nice variety of drinks, mixers, beer, and whatever else you think the birthday boy or girl would appreciate instead of the conventional cake or gift basket loaded with goodies. If you’re seeking inspiration on how to put together something similar to this, there are a lot of photographs of homemade liquor cakes that you can find on Pinterest.

2. Funny birthday shot glass

In the event that you intend to go with the first suggestion for a birthday present, you should absolutely get a hilarious and personalized shot glass to accompany either the alcohol cake or the gift basket. You have the option of adding up to three lines of text of your choosing to be engraved on this shot glass. Make this one-shot glass a keepsake that they’ll cherish as a reminder of their 21st birthday by personalizing it with their name and a humorous remark.

3. Custom Flask

You may personalize a pocket flask to use in place of a shot glass or in addition to a shot glass. The custom party quotes flasks come in your choice of ten hilarious statements, and you have the option of adding a name to the banner at the bottom of the flask.

4. Special Birthday Beer Mug

The phrase “life is too short to drink beer from a plastic cup” is emblazoned across this one-of-a-kind ceramic mug for beer. The glass mug is deeply engraved with a one-of-a-kind pattern that you get to customize from top to bottom, and it was created specifically for the purpose of commemorating significant birthdays such as the monumental 21st birthday. The conventional mug has a capacity of 25 ounces and is a wonderful accessory to include with a six-pack of celebration beer.

5. Whole Bottle Wine Glass

Finally 21! 12 Fun Ideas For 21st Birthday Gifts

If wine is more their thing, personalize the Big Vino wine glass, which can contain a complete bottle of wine and has a capacity of 750 milliliters—an incredible amount! You can include their name and a brief two-line note or opt for a humorous quote about wine instead.

6. DIY Hangover Kit

If you know they’ll be celebrating their birthday with a bang (and a few drinks), you can put together a simple hangover kit to help them recover from the night’s festivities. If you know they’ll be celebrating their birthday with a bang (and a few drinks), you can put together a simple hangover kit. The only things you will need are a bottle of water, some Advil or Tylenol, eye drops, mints, mouthwash, and a speedy snack that will assist in your recovery. It’s possible that at first, they won’t put a lot of thought into the present you gave them, but once they’ve had a chance to wake up the next day, you can be sure they’ll be grateful for it.

7. Bottle Cap or Wine Cork Shadow Box

Give them the opportunity to brag about their drinking prowess now that they are of age to do so by giving them a customized beer cap or wine cork shadow box. Each shadow box has a hole on the top that allows beer caps or wine corks to be easily inserted, and it opens from the rear, allowing them to dump the contents after the boxes have been filled to capacity. Personalizing the shadow box by adding a witty statement or message and their names is, of course, something you may do.

8. Birthday T-Shirt

Make them a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt that they may wear to commemorate reaching a certain age or reaching a significant milestone. You may create a one-of-a-kind design for the person turning 21 by using this amusing beer bottle design and adding their name, or you can make your own design from scratch.

9. Personalized Picture Frame or Photo Album

Finally 21! 12 Fun Ideas For 21st Birthday Gifts

Give them a personalized picture frame or photo album to help them remember all of the fun they had celebrating their birthdays. They’ll be able to proudly show their joyful memories of these once-in-a-lifetime festivities with a bespoke photo frame or album. These days, we have a tendency to let our images go forgotten on our phones and laptops, but they’ll be able to do so with these items.

10. Custom Birthday Canvas Print

This personalized history canvas print is a fun and one-of-a-kind gift choice to consider purchasing if what you’re looking for is more of a memento. Simply adding the person’s name and the day of their birth will cause the canvas print to contain all of the fascinating and significant events that occurred on that particular date. These will include the most significant events of the month, as well as the most popular songs, movies, and sports outcomes. The print also includes a list of other notable people’s birthdays as well as a chart comparing the cost of living back then to the cost of living currently.

11. Bullet Beer Bottle Opener

As long as they carry this device in the shape of a bullet on them, they will never have an issue when it comes to opening beer bottles. They will always be ready. This opener may not be a genuine bullet (it is made of zinc alloy), but it is nonetheless robust enough to pop open any beer of your 21-year-old’s choosing and can be engraved with any name.

12. Photo Beer Bottle Labels & Six Pack Carrier

Finally 21! 12 Fun Ideas For 21st Birthday Gifts

Create a memorable experience for them with personalized picture beer bottle labels and a bottle carrier for their very first official six-pack of beer. It is possible to personalize this set of six beer bottle labels with any three photographs and text (this means that you will receive two labels with each photograph), while the customization of the six-pack holder is done separately. Have fun compiling a six-pack of images that they will never forget by finding those that are embarrassing, humorous, or memorable from when they were younger.

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