4 Completely Valid Reasons To Leave A Relationship

1. You’re not getting your needs met (even after expressing them).

If your partner keeps failing after you've taught them how to improve, this is a significant red flag.

Needs are not needy. Every person needs their partner to perform certain things to feel safe, happy, and secure. If your needs aren't addressed, it may be time to leave.

2. You feel disrespected.

Respect is a relationship's cornerstone. No partnership can survive without trust. If your partner continuously disrespects you, leave. You deserve love. You deserve praise. You deserve a protector.

3. You are no longer happy (and are not willing to do the work to try and become happy again).

If you have given up on fixing what is wrong because you know it can be fixed, your relationship is over. If not, you'd reassemble.

4. You are the only one putting in effort.

You bend. You must always labor. Compromise is always your choice. This is taxing and unsustainable. Relationship and you will burn out. Instead, find a match.