6 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Travel Companions


Taurus friends are great for glam. Bulls love beauty. From your lunch seats to the thread count of your palace, your style will be Pinterest-worthy. Taurus travelers prefer luxury. Taurus serves Michelin-starred salmon roe.


Gemini jumps. With so many people, there's never enough to learn. The zodiac twins require frequent adventure. 

 The whole dual personality thing means Gemini will definitely require a day at the spa in addition to the sunrise trek they're begging you to accompany them on, so you'll cover a lot of the map and relax. You won't be bored on this whirlwind vacation.


You'll never be late, itinerary queen. A trip organizer is nice. Someone must carry out all your plans. Virgo can. Due to their cautious disposition, Virgo is the voice of reason on vacations.


You want nonstop adventure? Visit your Sagittarius friend. This astrological sign is magnetic. Climb mountains and dance until dawn. Bring an eye mask for those few hours of sleep. Prepare to accept many friend requests from the new friends you and your Sagittarius companion will automatically make.


Independent Aquarians. When traveling with a pal, Aquarians will gladly let you do your own thing for a bit. Don't worry—Aquariuses know how to have fun with friends. 

You'll probably stay up all night chatting about deep things that will fill your travel notebook with revelations you were desperate to find on this unexpected spiritual adventure.


Get cultured! Pisces are sensitive and creative. Traveling with a Pisces may open up a whole new world of museums, concerts, and galleries. You'll learn about artists college didn't teach you and talk to your Pisces bestie regularly. Don't be shocked if you bring home some homemade items to recall your vacation.