The Most Zen Zodiac Sign

6. Virgo

Virgo is an organized sign. They enjoy a little drama in their lives, but they detest it when things become out of hand and too chaotic. They practice zen somewhat differently than some of the other signs, but they still cherish tranquility and calm.

5. Capricorn

You probably believe that Capricorns just enjoy labor. Generally speaking, that is accurate, however Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual counselor at Mediumchat, claims that "these hard-working sea goats value their down-time as much as their accomplishments."

Capricorns are deliberate and more motivated by reason than by emotion. They value a modest lifestyle and are not drawn to flashy objects.

4. Pisces

Pisces has a strong connection to their spiritual side. They can spend hours escaping reality and just existing, which isn't true of most individuals.

Marquardt claims that despite frequently losing track of time, they are never rushed. And while being late could inconvenience their friends or obligations, being less anxious makes people feel more at ease.

3. Libra

Libras are peacemakers and are loving and caring people. They spend their free time contemplating or meditating because their lives are all about harmony and balance

They have a knack of bringing order everywhere they go, and they excel in a variety of social settings, so they can help others feel more at ease. These air signs also don't do well in conflict.

2. Taurus

Taurus doesn't mind living a straightforward existence, which keeps them perpetually at peace. They also have a knack of infusing the people in their lives with serenity and calming energy.

Being an earth sign, they are highly grounded and aware of their surroundings. According to Marquardt, they can live in harmony with all kinds of people.

1. Cancer

Cancer has a lot of grounded inclinations despite being a water sign and is able to effortlessly comfort those around them. It's not surprising that they are the most zen zodiac sign because they are extremely sensitive to both their own and other people's emotions.

Cancer already knows where their Zen zone is, claims Bennet. "They actively practice mindfulness and are appreciative of life's blessings."